Shameless Social/Flea Market reunion headliners Tactic/Flea Market DJ Brent Tactic

21 Oct


TACTIC = BEN TACTIC + BRENT TACTIC (Think 2wice, Bubblin – KC/PDX)

The spirit of Flea Market is perhaps best personified in Brent Tactic. A force to be reckoned with as a DJ, producer, and promoter, Brent’s time in Seattle was never wasted, as he made a considerable impression on the electronic music community while in the 206. The risks he took on the decks sound so good thinking back to his sets. In one instant, he’d mix out of CSS into Slim Thug then into Modeselektor and finally resting at Three 6 Mafia. Or Lil’ Wayne. Or Audion. Perhaps Ciara. And he made it all sound like it all made sense. This is all pre-Girl Talk genre bending, by the way. The difference between Girl Talk and Brent is that the latter allowed the grooves of the different tracks to ride considerably longer than the former – and the impact was phenomenal.

Obviously, Brent’s move back to Kansas City after nearly three years in Seattle and as part of Flea Market was less than ideal. Once back in KC, he certainly didn’t slow down his incessant promotion of multiple parties and growth of his Think 2wice imprint he shares with Ben Tactic (Bubblin – PDX). Brent also continued to wave the proverbial Flea Market genre-bending flag, albeit in a slightly different form. “The concept of a free for all is still there in more ways than one,” he says, speaking recently from Kansas City. “I think it’s incredibly relevant and has no limits to its potential.” He still uses the freeform concept at his Kansas City monthly Superb.

Brent has worked with his business and DJ partner Ben as Tactic for nearly ten years. As with his own unique approach, Tactic DJ sets largely ignore reliance on just one genre and instead blur the lines that would typically restrict DJs – to wildly fun effect. Their remixes and original productions have garnered international attention with plays on NYC’s East Village Radio and London’s prestigious KISS FM and BBC Radio1 as well as getting in rotation in the DJ sets of Diplo, Sinden, Tittsworth, Starkey, Jackmaster, Dave Nada, Cosmo Baker and Eli Escobar.

Lately, Brent and Ben have celebrated the burgeoning moombahton genre both in their DJ sets, productions, and label signees such as DJ Melo, who just released a solid EP on Think 2wice:

Brent loved moombahton right from the start. “I got the promo email back in early 2010 from T & A for the first Dave Nada ep and loved it immediately. I gathered some catalog, figured out what I liked and how to play it right. I started rocking it on the regular about this time last year.”

Like many genres, Brent believes that, in the right hands, moombahton can catch fire just about anywhere in any setting. “Here’s one thing I think people don’t take into consideration when talking about a genre going over well or whatever. I honestly think you can make any style pop if you play it right. With moombahton being still fairly new to so many crowds and so many big records coming out, it’s going over huge [in Kansas City] and everywhere else I’ve been able to drop it. I really think I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to express myself through it so much over this whole year.”

While Tactic will for certain be feasting on moombahton tracks during their Flea Market set, they’ll drift into other genres as well. “There’s a lot of things impressing us these days and plan on running through a bunch of styles Saturday.”

As his label Think 2wice gains more notoriety and Tactic’s productions increasing, Brent feels good about the future. “Honestly I feel busier than I’ve ever been and having more fun with music than I have in a long time.”

The Shameless Social & Flea Market presents

Tactic (Think 2wice, Bubblin – KC/PDX)
Scratchmaster Joe (Famous Players)
Kadeejah Streets (Innerflight)
Greg Skidmore (Oscillate)
Verse (Show & Tell, Flea Market)
Recess (Shameless)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E. Pike St.

$5 11pm-1am
$10 1am-???


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