Flea Market reunion/Shameless Social host Recess

21 Oct



Recess is *the* reason I’m a DJ today. He and I met way back in 1994 after meeting through an ex-girlfriend of his I was dating at the time. We bonded over music, sharing mixtapes, talking about our favorite bands and DJs, and took crazy road trips up to Vancouver to the infamous Twilight Zone club in Gastown. Around 1998, Recess picked up a set of belt-drive turntables and started crate-digging. I remember him getting very good very quickly, and before you knew it he was recording one fun mixtape after another, all one-take recordings, all one of a kind (and I’m threatening to convert them to mp3, if I have the blessings from Recess to do so). When I moved out of town for work for a year, Recess was kind enough to send a monthly mixtape to keep me from getting terribly homesick (and would provide a sweet soundtrack for those 13-hour driving sessions from Salt Lake City to Seattle, which I did often).

Not long after I moved back in the early 00s, Recess started Shameless in the bunker party space of the Alibi Room. Those were crazy nights – people dancing on the table, sweat dripping off the walls. Details from those nights are hazy at best, but I was intensely inspired to DJ from those Alibi Room sessions. The excitement of discovering new underground techno and electro house tracks played out by Recess and his cohorts at the time The Perfect Cyn, Derek Fisher, Kristina Childs, and Misha was profound. I kept telling myself at the time “where have I been all these years without electronic dance music in my life?” Now there’s no turning back.

Obviously, Recess and the Shameless crew has enjoyed tremendous success for the past eight years, throwing countless parties at Decibel and around town, hosting the likes of James Holden, Smash TV, Drop The Lime, J. Phlip, Modeselektor, Solvent, among many, many others.

Perhaps my favorite all-time Recess mixes – and I’ve heard dozens – are these two fine gems:

Recess – Live at Photosynthesis 2011

Recess – Assid Test 2005 Mix

And now we come to the very origins of Flea Market, sparked by a fateful meeting between Recess, Brent Tactic, and myself. I met Brent for the first time at this meeting & we had the same attitude about playing multiple genres in our DJ sets, keeping things constantly interesting, taking some risks without being too self-indulgent, tag-teaming playing 2-3 records in quick sequence. Being on the same page, we decided to get Flea Market off the ground at Chapel – and we have Recess to thank for getting the proverbial ball moving. As far as I’m concerned, he’s part of Flea Market as well.

The Shameless Social & Flea Market presents

Tactic (Think 2wice, Bubblin – KC/PDX)
Scratchmaster Joe (Famous Players)
Kadeejah Streets (Innerflight)
Greg Skidmore (Oscillate)
Verse (Show & Tell, Flea Market)
Recess (Shameless)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E. Pike St.

$5 11pm-1am
$10 1am-??



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