Flea Market DJ Greg Skidmore

18 Oct


When Brent Tactic and I were about 3-4 months into our Flea Market residency in 2004, we wanted to bring on a third resident DJ who brought a certain type of edge and intellect that complimented our penchant for more party-centric, groove-minded music. It didn’t take us long to figure out that Greg Skidmore fit the bill. His DJ sets at Oscillate @ Baltic Room were magisterial and proved, in my humble opinion, that he is by far the most technically proficient DJ in the Northwest. Greg has so much control over his mixing abilities – anyone who has seen him behind the decks knows how much knob-twisting he does to make the sound so pristine and crisp. He primarily plays dark and sexy IDM and techno tracks in his sets, dripping with sinister basslines, otherworldly synths, and punchy percussion. Nowadays, he’s establishing a career in massage therapy and doesn’t play out as often these days, so this Saturday’s Flea Market reunion is a rare treat to catch Greg Skidmore in action.

Greg has other talents as well. Standing five people deep in line at the Chop Suey bar, I thought it would be a great idea to throw a maraschino cherry at him (I may have had a few frosty beverages that night) just for fun. From 10-15 feet away, he effortlessly caught it in his mouth.

I also drive Greg crazy when I play Judas Priest and Loverboy. Guess what I’ll be packing for this Saturday?!?!

The Shameless Social & Flea Market presents

Tactic (Think 2wice, Bubblin – KC/PDX)
Scratchmaster Joe (Famous Players)
Kadeejah Streets (Innerflight)
Greg Skidmore (Oscillate)
Verse (Show & Tell, Flea Market)
Recess (Shameless)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E. Pike St.




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